Are you fed up of the slow loading and low optimization level of your website. Then here is the solution for your problem. In this post we will be discussing 10 tools you can use to optimize your website.
It is true that for search engine traffic, you need to optimize your site as much as you can. And to do so you need to follow webmaster’s SEO guidelines. You can optimize your site using free webmaster tools available online. Let us discuss the top 10 tools you can us for this purpose.
1. Google Trends
Credits : Google
You can use Google Trends to do keyword research, to know search trends and compare them using keywords, and regional trends etc.
2. Google AdWords 
Credits : Neil Patel
Google AdWords is a keyword planner for your site where you can get keyword ideas, you can search for relevant keywords and know the search traffic of that keyword.
3. Robot.txt  Tester
Robot.txt file is very important for any website and to check one for your site you can use the robots.txt testing tool in Search Console.
4. W3C validator
Credits : W3C
W3C validator is a tool which checks the markup validity of your web documents like HTML, XHTML, CSS etc.
5. CSS Validator
CSS validator is a tool which allows you check Cascading Style Sheets and XHTML documents with the style sheets.
6. Structured Data Testing Tool
The Structured Data testing tool will help you in checking that Google can correctly parse your Structured Data Markup and display it in the search results.
7. Mobile Friendly Tool
Many of use mobiles more than their laptops for surfing the internet due to handiness and to check your sites Mobile friendly status is very important.
8. Page Speed tools
Loading speed of your site really matters a lot. And to maintain and develop good page speed use Page Speed insight to know hot to spped up your website on very device.
9. Search Console
Google Search Console is a free service which helps you keep an eye on your presence on the internet. It allows you to maintain your site’s presence in Google Search Results.
10. Google Analytics
Google Analytics helps you analyze the complete details about your visitor. I personally use it and is very helpful.
So this were the tools you can use to optimize your website. Do check them out.


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