Some Chill Pill Evolution In the World Of Smartphone, So Holds your Breath to the Introduction Of Samsung Galaxy “X”.


Samsung’s long-awaited foldable display smartphone is to be called as the Samsung Galaxy “X” and has been certified in South Korea.From the Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), the device model No has recently appeared as SM-G888N0.

Samsung’s first smartphone with a bendable screen, That something very cool! The idea of a foldable smartphone actually isn’t new to Samsung. The South Korean company already showcased a flexible display prototype and named it as Youm in 2013.The chief of Samsung recently indicated that a galaxy series mobile would come in a foldable display galaxy series.

Actually, the Design and features of Galaxy X are still unknown as Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Got 95 % Information leaked about the phone, so this time the company took a great care to avoid the leaks and create suspense until the end.


This Mysterious phone is going through its prime testing which means that it’s going to come soon (Expected by us to be in the market by 2018 Starting).

We may assume that the phone may be showcased in the Next CES event.One logical conclusion, the device can also be announced at the mobile world congress on Feb. 26, 2018.

Yes, One thing which might kill your Dreams is -PRICE, LOL! Because actually, the idea is gonna be exciting and unique so the price would definitely be shocking to hear!

Hopefully, we will also try to bring the best possible leaks which we can expect from it and try to make you informative.Do share & checkOut our Free Coupon Section. You May Find Something Which You May Have Not expected!


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