Apple Refreshed the MacBook Air back in June this Year and brought a couple of new upgrades in a new laptop.However between the new MacBook pro, 12-inch MacBook and the countless windows laptop out there.Its hard to figure out that MacBook air is worth buying out in 2017.

The 2017 MacBook air is current priced for around 61,000 INR on Amazon India  and comes with the following Features out of the Box.   Buy Here

To figure whether the MacBook air is worth it in 2017 lets consider the Pros and cons of buying the iconic Laptop from Apple.

The Good and The Bad

The MacBook air has some really great things going for it.

It Features 12 Hour long Battery which is one of the longest lasting battery in its size.Compare that to a windows Laptop with the similar battery life and you get something very huge Laptop in the size.

The MacBook air also comes with an SSD which results in excellent app launch time and boot up speed.Most Windows Laptop in this Price Range usually provides a mechanical Hard-disk which is ok but lot slower then a SSD.

Even though the MacBook air is light weight and portable, the build quality is excellent and by far the Best in class. Its aluminium all around and extremely sturdy unlike the most Plasticky windows Laptop in the market.

The MacBook air is the only Laptop from apple which has all the ports including a USB 3, Thunderbolt 2, SD Card Slot and MagSafe 2.It Even has an Headphone jack. what it doesn’t have is the USB C port which makes it a bit behind the time.

Despite all that MacBook air not upgradable and is no ware near as powerful as other Laptops in similar price range.It comes with the much old processor 5-gen Pro i5, while most laptops this days come equip with the latest 7-gen processors from intel.

The MacBook Air doesn’t have a dedicated GPU either, so you can really expect it to be able to handle graphically intensive tasks at all.Also it has some really gigantic Bezels and a screen resolution which is not even full HD.I mean its 2017 and an expensive laptop not offering full HD Display is just weird.


MacBook Air Alternatives

So if you are looking for alternatives to MacBook air in a similar price range, there are number of Windows Laptops you can choose from, which offers more features and a more powerful then the MacBook air.

HP-Pavillion 15-AU623TX  Buy Here

Mi Notebook Air  Buy Here

HP-Pavillion 15-AU626TX  

Surface Pro 4  Buy Here


All things consider MacBook Air is not really worth it in 2017.It costs 61K Rs. and offers nothing extra from other laptops in a similar price range.

So are you going to buy a MacBook Air or would you rather go for a Windows Laptop instead? Do Let me know in the Comments section Below and also share this Article with your friends who are searching for a good Laptop.



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