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Hello, guys let’s get started with the most 5 things you need to know about the Apple watch series 3.

So Apple has officially announced the new 2017 products at the Apple event on September 12 including with the new Apple watch and the new Apple TV 4K and also the three new iPhones.
Today we will talk about the Apple watch series 3 the newly launched watch from Apple.
We are going to break down the 5 most important things you need to know about Apple watch series 3.

1. Connectivity

First Things First and the big one one version of the Apple watch series 3 actually has cellular connectivity LTE built-in in the Apple watch Series 3.

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It is important to know that there are two versions of Apple watch series 3, one is the version with GPS and Cellular and another one is with the just GPS but with no Cellular. But the version with Cellular built-in may come as the huge Plus for some who wanted to be able to use apple watch, whether they are on the go, whatever they doing without any iPhone nearby they’ll be able to make calls, messages, and everything.

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It is very much useful when you are outside and you don’t get your iPhone with you and you wanted to call someone urgently, so now you can call right from the Apple watch and you also can receive the call from everyone and you can also message them right from your Apple watch.
It is too handy now.

And yes in case you’re wondering you can use your existing mobile number on the Apple watch series 3 in order to make and receive phone calls and text messages, you will not need any separate phone number for new Apple watch.

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2. Design

Is the outside of the Apple watch changed? The answer is NO. The casing on the Apple watch series 3 is the exact same size that was before.
Now the cellular version of the Apple watch series 3 does have the RED wheel to make the functionality.

With the cellular version of Apple watch series 3 you will also get the Exclusive Explorer apple watch face which it will show the signal of your cellular connection.

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3. Inside

Apple watch series 3 uses the apples 3rd Generation S3 architecture to fit everything inside of it.
Which includes the new dual-core processor and a new custom wireless chip. The series 3 new dual-core processor actually allows for faster processing Times, I think up to 70% faster processing times which is super fast. The new custom wireless cheap actually allows for better Bluetooth and wireless efficiency in speeds. Wi-Fi will be up to 85% faster and Bluetooth will be 50% more efficient.

So with the new Apple watch series 3 will be getting the great speed with opening great new apps with a great speed.

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4. Music

In case you were the Apple music subscriber, now it would be time for you to get in. You can now actually stream the Apple music library right from your Apple watch series 3 with access to over 40 million songs in the Apple library which is a very large amount of songs.
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5. Price

Apple watch series 3 with the cellular and GPS will start at 399$ and apple watch series 3 with just GPS will start at 329$. 

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Hope this helps you to figure out the Apple Watch Series 3 Specifications and Features.
Hope this helps you to buy your newly launched Apple Watch 3.
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