Hey Whats up, guys, It’s been quite some time that I have posted any App Article.
So Here I am with the top 10 Best Android Apps. And if you have any other app recommendations feel free to comment down below. And now I think we should get started with the apps.

Power Director

First, we have the Power Director.
As soon as I saw this app, I had to install it, as I have used this app previously on my PC. and I knew that this was editors choice on the PC mac for 8 times.
The mobile app is just as powerful and awesome as the desktop version. We have a simple UI with all the necessary tools like adding layers which gives you a lot of flexibility while editing, choosing from a wide variety of effects, audio mixing and so on. You can tap on the Clip for trimming and other tools. The overall UI is really clean and very easy to understand. You can Export your videos on full HD or even 4K. This is the first Video editing app on Android to support 4K rendering and also the render speed is pretty good. I use I quite often to edit small length videos whether it’s my family video or videos that I upload in Instagram or Twitter. Click Here to Download the app.


Next App is KeepVid. This is a video Downloader, the very simple to use user interface. I use this app to download videos from various websites especially from YouTube. You can go to YouTube directly from the app or search for any video and tap the Down arrow icon present at the Bottom left corner to Download the Video.
else you can enter the URL of any video you want and get it downloaded. And while Downloading you also get to Choose the video quality which is quite nice. Again if you just want the Audio and not the Video, you have that option as well. Click Here to Download the app.


Next up we have Sharesquare.  well, this app has something I wish every contact app had by default.It can Create QR Codes out of your contact, so the other person using this app can quickly scan the QR Code and save the Contact Information. Makes it quite quick as you don’t have to type the Names and the other details. Additionally, you can also chat right from this app, which is kind a cool. Click Here to Download the app.


Next up we have Caffeinate. well as the names imply, this app will keep the device awake until the given time. First, make sure that you have the Android 7.0 and above and then add it’s extension on your notification panel. Then you can Tap on it to activate the caffeinate. You can increase the timer by tapping on it again and again. and cancel it anytime from its notification. Honestly, it’s been a great help for me while reading something. Click Here to Download the app.


credit – Explore Gadget

Next up is Palette. This app helps you to get the color Code from a given picture. Basically, you can any picture or take a picture to get the app the color codes on that picture. So if you like any particular color you can now use this codes for designing or editing purpose. Click Here to Download the app.


credit – Explore Gadget

Next up is Flight. Not any Flight tracking app but an all in one app if you love customizing your android smartphone. You have a variety of stylish icons categorized into different sections, you have wallpapers as well as custom widgets to choose from. Moreover, this app is compatible with all most all the Launchers. Click Here to Download the app.

Snap Swipe

credit – Explore Gadget

Next up is Snap Swipe. Basically, it’s like a sidebar but with the twist. If you love having a clean home screen this app is really very handy. Pull down the notification bar from the top right corner and here you have all your favorite apps and widgets. It makes sense, instead of having your home screen cluttered you can have your frequently used apps and widgets to this. Moreover, you can customize the trigger area and then again get the PRO version will get you more features. Click Here to Download the app.

—> Talking about Customization, let’s talk about some wallpapers app.

Peppy Wallpapers

credit – Explore Gadget

First is Peppy Wallpapers. As the name implies, you get the colorful sweet and minimal wallpapers here. And if you wore an android wear, this app has a lot of watch faces to choose from. Click Here to Download the app.

Inspire wallpapers

credit – Explore Gadget

Another Recommendation is Inspire wallpapers. Here you have a wide range of motivational and inspirational quotes which can a helps to stay motivated. Click Here to Download the app.

OF Launcher

Next app is OF Launcher. This app is all about simplicity and organization. Swiping to the right will give you all your apps, which are smartly categorized and the cool part is all these sections have different Themes. Swiping to the left allows you to access all your widgets. I am really liking this launcher, but as of now this launcher is still is in beta stage, so hopefully, we can see more of it once the final version gets released. Click Here to Download the app.

Mi Xplorer

credit – Explore Gadget

Next up is Mi Xplorer. Lately, this is my favorite File Explorer, the reason being its simplicity and organized UI. from the side you can navigate to files according to its type, whether it’s a video, audio, .doc, .apk etc. Additionally, you can lock your files and folders as well. Apart from all this, you get all the required tools for organizing your files. However, this app is available on the Play Store, so you can download it from Here. Click Here to Download the app.


Last but not the least is the Mobdro. well, another app which is not available on the Play Store. But it’s a great TV app. It streams online TV contents like Sports, News, TV Shows, Movies and much much more. The best part of this app is, everything you stream is absolutely free and it can be cast onto the Chrome cast. Click Here to Download the app.
So Thanks for reading this Article. I hope this was useful and Do leave your suggestions if have any. Stay tuned for more.


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